Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question about any stage of the rental process? Here are the answers to our customers’ most frequent questions.

Making A Reservation

We require a valid state-issued driver’s license or a government-issued photo ID card with a street address on it.

We gladly accept all major credit and debit cards like VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, and Discover to name a few. Pretty much any credit or debit card is accepted as long as it isn't a type of prepaid account.

Unfortunately, we do not accept Paypal, direct funds transfer, check or cash at this time.

If we are not around on Live Chat, please call or email us for help! After asking a few questions to understand your needs and budget, we can make equipment recommendations that best fit your requirements. Our number one priority is to make sure your event is a success!

For the sake of simplicity, we only list our most commonly rented items on our website. Feel free to call us at 253.200.3452 or contact us and we will be happy to assist!


In most cases, no. Occasionally, we aren’t able to gather enough information to properly verify an order, and we may ask for a security deposit in those circumstances. Also, in rare cases, because of the high value of the equipment, we may ask for a deposit for certain items if you cannot secure independent insurance coverage.

If we decide a security deposit is necessary, we will always contact you and ask your permission before we accept the order and proceed with the deposit.

For 99.9% of orders, no deposit is ever necessary.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for early returns or unused equipment.

Your credit card will be charged twice: upon submitting your rental order through our online check-out process; and prior to check-out on your event date.

There is no penalty if you give seven or more days notice prior to the scheduled check-out date.

However, if seven days notice has not been given prior to the scheduled check-out date, an additional payment of 50% of the balance due will be charged to your card on file.

As a reminder, there is no refund of the 25% non-refundable deposit required to secure your reservation.

We gladly accept all major credit and debit cards like VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, and Discover to name a few. Pretty much any credit or debit card is accepted as long as it isn't a type of prepaid account.

Unfortunately, we do not accept Paypal, direct funds transfer, check or cash at this time.

Rental Extensions & Late Returns

As long as we have stock we’re happy to extend your rental. Extensions are charged at 85% of the one day rate per day, if requested before the scheduled check-in date. If you wait until the return date to request an extension, it will be charged at 100% of the one day rate, per day.

Please note, this means that it will ALWAYS be cheaper to rent an item for an extra day (or two!) rather than renting it for 1 day and then extending for an additional day(s).

Example: If an item rents at $50 for 1 day and you request a 1 day extension before the scheduled check-in date, the extension will cost $42.50. This means you will pay more ($92.50) than you would have if you had originally rented it for two days ($85.00).

We do this because it helps us have a better idea of when an item will actually return from a rental, so that we can accept future reservations for it.

If a renter selects the maximum length of time they may need an item, we can confidently accept a future reservation, knowing that the expected check-in date is actually the latest possible time the renter will return the equipment. If instead, the equipment is rented for the minimum length of time the renter may need it, a situation could arise where they assume they can get an extension on the item, but we have already reserved it for another renter.

We will email/text you a reminder the day your rental is due for check-in at our office. If it is not returned to our office by Noon on the check-in date, you will be charged the one day rate for each day it is deemed late.

Time is of the essence; there are NO EXCEPTIONS to our Noon deadline.

Don't worry - we've all done it before!

Just shoot us a quick email to let us know; don't forget to include your name and the order number in your email. If it's a small item - like an audio cable, adapter or other accessory - you can mail it back to our office at no additional charge.

Larger items - such as speakers, mixers, etc. - will be charged our normal late fee if not returned by our Noon deadline on your check-in date. Odds are, we'll catch it at check-in - another incentive to bring your order back early, in case you need to run back for a forgotten item. 😉

Pickup & Return

Yep! You can pickup your rental at any time of your scheduled check-out date during our business hours:

  • Tuesday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Friday - Monday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

You bet! In addition to offering tutorial videos on our most commonly rented products, we will take the time to walk you through every piece of equipment and give a full tutorial of how to use the equipment properly. Because of this, it is rare for our clients to call with problems as they set up their equipment.

We take the time to teach you, because we want you to rent with confidence.

Unfortunately, no. For security and safety reasons, we cannot allow customers to browse our warehouse. You’ll need to place your rental order before coming into our location to pick it up.

We can't guarantee your order will be ready for check-out before 9:00 AM, without advanced notice. If you let us know that you'll need to pick it up earlier than that, we may be able to have it ready for you earlier. Likewise, if you need to drop-off your order earlier than our opening hour, just let us know.

As for check-in after-hours... it's usually not possible. Most of our staff members are working professionals and usually have afternoon/evening commitments to tend to. We will do our best to work with you to make sure your rental goes as smoothly as possible.


Yes, we do! We offer three tiers of Delivery/Collection services based on your flexibility to allow for Delivery/Collection to occur. For more information see our Services page.

The cost of Delivery/Collection varies based on your day/time requirements, as well as what region we are delivering to. For more information see our Services page.

The day and time in which Delivery/Collection occurs is dependent on the tier of service you have selected. For more information see our Services page.

Yes! Our driver will call the designated mobile number when he/she leaves for your venue.

No. All payment for Delivery/Collection services is required upfront, prior to your rental order being dispatched.

If you have elected for our Setup services, we will take care of that for you.

If you have not opted for Setup services, there is a good chance we can't. Our drivers operate on very strict timeframes, and depending on their schedules, they may not have time to walk you through the set-up process. However, we are more than happy to assist you with set-up over the phone anytime

Yes. If you are unable to be present at the venue at the time of Delivery, you must notify us before your rental order leaves the office with the name of the person who will be present. We require that person must be over the age of 18 with a valid driver's license or government-issued photo ID.

Equipment Problems

All of our equipment is bought new and sold once the condition become less than acceptable for professional use. Before and after each rental we check each item visually and test it for performance. We guarantee the equipment will function as it should.

Our items are used regularly so there will probably be some minor exterior scuff marks, scratches, etc. As long as it performs as expected and there isn't any major cosmetic issues, each item in our inventory remains in service.

We wish we could, but sadly, we can’t. We can promise that we will do everything we can to make sure the equipment is working. We will inspect the equipment both when it returns from its prior rental, and before it goes out on your rental. We will clean it thoroughly. We will check off all the items that should be included in the rental. We will pack it securely.

Even with all these precautions, stuff still happens. A box can be jarred during transit hard enough to break something inside. An internal component we can’t check eventually wears out and breaks during your rental. Occasionally, we can even make a mistake and forget to include something, although it is really rare. In these cases, we will do everything we can to make it right as quickly as we can.

But allow us to assure you this: out of the tens of thousands of orders we've taken, we can count on one hand how many times these situations have occurred. We want you to rent with confidence.

Call us immediately. If outside of office hours, call our emergency line. In most cases, it is something we can walk you through and resolve over the phone. In a rare case we need to come out to fix something, we'll have someone dispatched as soon as possible.

NOTE: In the event the cause of the problem is user error or lack of knowledge of the equipment, we will charge our A/V Tech fee at the hourly rate of $125/hour. If the error is a technical malfunction or our fault, there is no charge.

Other Questions

We offer extended rentals and leases up to 3 months. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Please email us. If we have two or three requests for an item, we’re likely to add it. Also if you want an item for an extended lease we will almost certainly be able to a accommodate you.

PLAY provides audio/visual/lighting rental services to a number of corporate, venue and customers on a monthly basis. We do offer tiered discounts for high volume rental customers, as well as customized packaging.

Not formally on our website. If we do sell equipment, it is usually on local listing services.

We do not, but we can put you in touch with those that do.

No. Platinum Electronics around the corner of our building can, however.

Have a question that isn’t asked here? Please connect with us!