Here at PLAY, we strive to ensure that the process of renting Audio, Visual, Lighting, and DJ equipment is as easy as possible. While Delivery & Pickup is required for every order, we offer two additional services that can save you even more time, as well as make a few of the planning logistics for your event even easier: Setup/Strike and On-Site Technician.

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Avoid sitting in traffic and losing precious time on the day of your event! Here’s how our Delivery & Pickup service works:

  • Compile your Rental Cart, include your event information, and submit your order for confirmation.
  • We’ll verify your details and send you our proposed Delivery & Pickup time windows.
  • Confirm these times and once your paperwork is signed, we’ll confirm your order. If you are unable to confirm these times, we will cancel your order.
  • On Delivery day, we’ll send you an email and/or text that our driver has left the warehouse and is en route to your event venue.
  • Sign for and take delivery of your order. Setup is typically super easy – and we’ll be available by phone if you need help – and then rock your event!
  • Pack everything up and leave it in the designated spot before our driver arrives for Pickup.
  • We’ll take the equipment back to our warehouse, inspect it, and then once it has passed inspection, send you confirmation that your Rental Order is complete!

For full details of our Delivery & Pickup service polices, please read our Rental Policies & Guidelines.


Is this service suitable for me?
While most of our equipment is straight-forward and easy to set up, we understand that some of our customers just don’t have the time, or they would rather worry about preparing other aspects of their event. PLAY can make sure your equipment is set up and operating properly, as well as all safety precautions have been taken care of. No loose wires to trip over!

And we get it: cleaning up and breaking things down post-event sucks. If you’d rather do anything else after your event – we don’t blame you! – let us know you’d like us to Strike (break down) your equipment. We’ll even leave the designated equipment area cleaner than it was prior to the event.

How do I determine how much time I need?
For most rentals, the answer is typically one 60 minute block for Setup and one 30 minute block for Break Down. If Setup/Strike services go beyond what is contracted, your card on file will be charged for the additional time.

Rates begin at $30 per half-hour. For more information, and to book this service, please click here.


Is this service suitable for me?
If you require additional peace of mind, considering hiring one of our On-Site Technicians to assist in the operation – and if needed, resolution of any unforeseen problems – with our equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot troubleshoot, nor operate, any audio, visual, lighting, or DJ equipment that isn’t ours. And unless renting one of our mixers, a PLAY On-Site Technician is not a board operator. Furthermore, an On-Site Technician is not a DJ; we can push play on a playlist of background music – but we cannot select songs or make announcements.

How do I determine how much time I need?
It is up to you, but keep in mind that if you have a band performing, you will need your On-Site Technician ready to go at least one or two hours prior to your event’s start time for a soundcheck.

Rates begin at $90 per hour. For more information, and to book this service, please click here.