Rental Policies & Guidelines

The following are our policies & guidelines, which we uphold for all equipment rentals and event productions.

Ordering & Reservations
Advanced reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee availability of equipment on the day of your event. A 33% non-refundable deposit holds your reservation, with major changes or cancellations accepted up to 7 days prior to your scheduled Delivery date.

If you have a last-minute rental need (under three days), please contact the office at 253.200.3452 for possible accommodation.

All rental reservations must be requested through our online ordering system at least 3 days in advance and require PLAY’s approval. At the time of clicking “Place Order”, a temporary authorization will be held on your card. Once your reservation is confirmed, payment will be captured. For the safety of your data, PLAY does not see nor store your card details on our server.

Reservations will not be confirmed until the following has been received by our office:

  • Signed Card Authorization Agreement
  • Signed Rental Agreement
  • Photo copy of a valid driver’s license or government-issued ID card

We take identify theft and fraud seriously. As a part of our order verification process, we may require additional information from you. We also take your privacy seriously, too. Your most sensitive personal data is NEVER stored on our servers and is DESTROYED upon the completion of your order.

For certain high-value items, we reserve the right to require you to obtain independent insurance and add PLAY Event Rentals / Tony Schwartz Productions, LLC as a loss payee. As an alternative, we may charge you a security deposit for the full replacement value of the item(s), which will be returned to you upon the satisfactory acceptance of the item(s) at the end of your rental term.

For all orders, payment in full is due seven days prior to your scheduled Delivery date.

Rental Rates
Published rental rates on our website are subject to change without notice.

All rental charges are for time out, whether used or not. There are no refunds or credits for unused equipment. To maintain our high standard condition of equipment, any item that leaves our warehouse is considered used and must be inspected, sanitized, and serviced before re-entering our available rental inventory again.

Rental extensions will only be granted via PLAY’s written approval. Extensions granted prior to your scheduled Delivery date will be priced at the normal multi-day rate. Extensions granted on or after your scheduled Delivery date will be priced at the one day rate per additional day granted.

Cancellation & Refund Policies
All cancellations must be received in writing and acknowledged by a PLAY representative before they become effective. Because time is of the essence, please note that cancellation requests received after hours will not be acknowledged nor deemed effective until the next day.

As previously stated, the 33% deposit is non-refundable and deemed final once paid, even in the event of a cancellation.

There is no cancellation charge if you cancel your reservation or any items more than 7 days prior to your scheduled Delivery date, and there are no additional charges, except for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by PLAY on your behalf.

Reservations cancelled within 7 days of your scheduled Delivery date will not be issued a refund and are subject to a 100% cancellation charge if the balance is past due.

PLAY cannot and will not be responsible for force majeure events, including but not limited to wind, weather, and power outages. Please refer to your Rental Agreement for the appropriate resolution actions.

All equipment is thoroughly examined and tested prior to and directly after each rental to ensure that your event is successful and free of unexpected problems. We take every precaution to prevent field failure, however, things do happen. Often times, it’s not equipment failure but accidental user operation error. It is best to reach us on the phone for troubleshooting. If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the problem and the equipment is malfunctioning, a replacement unit or service technician will be dispatched as soon as possible. Refunds are issued only in the event of equipment failure, which is not the fault of the renter. No refund will be granted for user/operator error or failure to understand operation of equipment.

Refunds are pro-rated for only the equipment that failed.

Refunds will be issued via the original method of payment.

Any credits issued will expire one year from the issue date. Credits may only be applied to future rental orders and may not be applied to any incurred rental fees or charges.

Additional Incurred Charges & Fees:
Any incurred on-site charges are due immediately and will be charged to the card on file.

Any missing or damaged equipment is the responsibility of the renter, including repair costs and fees.

Portage fees may apply to certain delivery locations. Please see Access To Site below for details.

Any equipment returned dirty is subject to a cleaning fee of $50 per hour, with a one hour minimum.

All cables must be separated, coil wrapped, and tied upon return. We do not expect you to know the over-under method, but we do expect an effort to prevent a tangled ball of cables that resemble Clark Griswold’s ball of Christmas lights. A $5.00 fee will be charged for each cable not returned in a similar condition as it was rented.

We recommend the use of gaffer tape for the securing of wires. It is strongly encouraged to not use electrical or duct tape. A $10.00 cleaning fee will be applied per cable returned with tape or tape residue.

Returned checks, returned credit card charges, and/or charge-backs are subject to a $35.00 fee per occurrence, or the maximum allowed by the laws of the State of Washington.

Delivery & Pickup
Delivery hours are typically between 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, seven days a week, to one ground floor location or loading dock. While you may request specific times for Delivery & Pickup, all Delivery & Pickup times will be determined by PLAY at the time of confirming your reservation. Any requested changes to Delivery & Pickup times must be approved by both parties in writing.

Pickup hours are generally between 8:00 am and 11:59 PM. Requests for Delivery & Pickup outside of these hours must be granted in advance by PLAY and may require additional fees.

If Delivery is to your home, please provide a protected space to leave the equipment, such as a garage, covered patio, or entryway, if you are not utilizing our Setup service. You, or an authorized representative, must be present for Delivery. Authorized representatives must be approved at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled Delivery time. If you, or an authorized representative, is not present for Delivery, or we cannot immediately begin Setup service, a “Wait Time” fee of $60.00 per hour will be applied and charged to your card on file. The Wait Time will begin at the confirmed time of Delivery and will stop when you or an authorized representative is present to sign for and receive the Equipment.

If Delivery is to a business or event venue, please provide hours of operation, contact information for a venue contact (and an event planner, if applicable), and any special instructions that would allow for a smooth delivery. You, or an authorized representative, must be present for Delivery. Authorized representatives must be approved at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled Delivery time. If you, or an authorized representative, is not present for Delivery, or we cannot immediately begin Setup service, a “Wait Time” fee of $60.00 per hour will be applied and charged to your card on file. The Wait Time will begin at the confirmed time of Delivery and will stop when you or an authorized representative is present to sign for and receive the Equipment.

Wait Time fees also apply and will be charged if the Equipment is not ready for pickup (or ready for Strike service, if we have been hired to provide this service) at the confirmed time of Pickup.

Access To Site
If there are any access restrictions or policies to your event’s venue, please let us know. These include, but are not limited to, turn-around areas, height restrictions, gates in need of access codes, narrow or steep driveways, or the prohibited use of gaffer tape. These can impact the timeliness and efficiency of your delivery and pickup.

Portage fees may apply to delivery and pickup locations greater than 100 feet from the delivery vehicle. Portage fees may also apply when equipment must be transported up or down stairs, steep slopes, or elevators.

Delivery Responsibilities
At the time of Delivery, you assume possession of, and responsibility for, all rental equipment ordered.

It is your responsibility to receive, inspect, and count every item delivered. You must immediately report any problems regarding your rental items.

You are also responsible for reviewing and understanding operating instructions for all rental items ordered.

You will be asked to sign for Delivery and confirm that all of the items on the rental order have been delivered and are in working order.

Pickup Responsibilities
Place all items in a pre-designated pickup location. Be sure to include all power cables, audio cables, accessories, and cases.

Please check your order before the driver arrives to ensure all items are present.

If you or your authorized representative are not present at the scheduled Pickup time, the Pickup item counts will be final. Any missing items will be charged accordingly to the card on file.

For outdoor events, equipment should be stacked and protected from the weather to avoid damages.

Wait Time charges will apply if equipment is not ready at the scheduled time for Pickup.

Labor (Setup, Strike & On-Site Techician)
Setup and/or Strike must be requested, and approved, at least seven days prior to your scheduled Delivery and/or Pickup dates.

The rate for Setup & Strike labor is $60.00 per hour, reserved in 30-minute blocks.

While we do train on basic operation at the end of Setup, we also offer the service of an On-Site Technician. An On-Site Technician can assist with the operation of any of PLAY’s equipment, as well as troubleshoot any unforeseen problems. Our On-Site Technician cannot troubleshoot, nor operate, any audio/visual/lighting equipment that isn’t ours. And unless renting one of PLAY’s mixers, our On-Site Technician is not a board operator. Furthermore, an On-Site Technician is not a DJ. While our technician can push play on a playlist of background music, they cannot select songs or make announcements.

The rate for an On-Site Technician is $90.00 per hour, reserved in 30-minute blocks.

Any proposal or quote for labor fees is solely an estimate. If the actual time is greater than the time estimate, customer will be charged for the overage at our standard rates.

Sorry, but we cannot accept any personal checks. Cash on delivery requires prior approval from PLAY.

If you are tax exempt, please submit a copy of your tax exempt certificate to the office prior to the payment of the balance due.

PLAY reserve the right to modify these policies and guidelines at any time without notice.

Thank you for following our rental policies and guidelines and avoiding unnecessary charges. Your assistance ensures that we can continue to provide our customers with the best rental experience possible.

Last Updated: March 1, 2022