Who We Are

Since our founding, PLAY has been devoted to meeting the needs of individuals, event planners, companies, bands, DJs, and sound professionals with quality service, expert advice, helpful knowledge, and reliable sound equipment. Here is how we got there:

It all started with an email in 2009.

One year prior, Tony Schwartz had served as the MC & DJ for Josh and Katrina’s wedding at a private residence in Puyallup, WA. A family relative of Josh and Katrina’s emailed Tony, inquiring about rates for a small party she was throwing. The cost for DJ services was beyond her budget, and so she asked a simple question: “What about a plug-and-play sound system for my iPod?” And thus, the Puget Sound’s first DIY iPod sound system company was born: iDJ Rentals.

It was an overnight success, and Tony quickly filled his home garage with six systems that were rented out every weekend.

As the popularity and demand for the system grew, requests for the inclusion of other audio/visual items also increased. Soon, lapel microphones, lighting systems, projectors and screens, and uplights were also available for rent. Outgrowing the brand, Tony rebranded iDJ Rentals into Puget Sound Pro Audio Rental, and the doors to our first public office space was opened: a 90 square foot office inside The Hansen Building on Pioneer Ave in Puyallup.

As the popularity and reputation of Puget Sound Pro Audio Rental grew, so did the need for more warehouse and office space. After months of searching, the perfect space was found: a 1,250 square foot office/warehouse just down the street on East Main in Puyallup. This office space – located at 1416 E Main, Suite N — would be the company’s home until 2021, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the company to leave 1416 E Main for a private warehouse location.

As the company has evolved from a pro audio rental company to a full-service audio/visual/lighting/DJ rental and production company, it became apparent it was time to rebrand. In 2017, Puget Sound Pro Audio Rental became PLAY Event Rentals. While the name has changed, the vision, mission statement, and core values have remained the same: provide industry-standard equipment and industry-leading customer service that is superior to those of our competitors.

Simply put, our customers work with an event partner, not an A/V vendor.

Meet Us

Tony Schwartz | PLAY Event Rentals

Tony Schwartz

Runs the ship and lives that #EntrepreneurLife. Also the founder of The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co, and a pretty decent wedding and marquee event DJ, too.


A/V/L Tech

Assists with managing incoming and outgoing orders, does deliveries, setups, strikes, and collections. Skilled in all things A/V/L, with lighting his speciality.