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Stands & Trusses

Desk Boom Mic Stand

Our Desk Boom Mic Stands are perfect for press conferences, panel discussions, podcasts, and other applications with seated speakers, as well as various stage applications such as micing amps and kick drums.

Extend your truss totem to nearly 10' tall with a Global Truss 2.87’ Square Truss segment.

Our Global Truss 6.5’ Totem with Base and Top Plate is perfect for mounting moving heads or displaying an LED TV.

Stands & Trusses

Saddle Sand Bag

Stabilize your mic or speaker stands with one of our saddle sand bags.

Stands & Trusses

Tripod Mic Stand


Our Tripod Mic Stand comes in three different color variations.


Truss O-Clamp

Our Truss O-Clamp is perfect for mounting lighting fixtures to truss segments.

The Ultimate Support Lighting Stand is a lightweight, yet extremely durable, lighting stand tree.

Lightweight yet sturdy, an Ultimate Support speaker stand features the TeleLock collar, which allow you to set your speakers at any height you desire.