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Our Basic Ceremony Pack is ideal for ceremonies with up to 100 guests in attendance.

Our Battery-Powered Ceremony Pack requires no power whatsoever, making it the ideal system for ceremonies where power isn't accessible.

Our Deluxe Ceremony Pack is suitable for wedding ceremonies with up to 250 guests in attendance.

Our Platinum Ceremony Pack is the ultimate ceremony sound system solution!

Need a simple stage or dance floor wash effect? Save yourself on setup time and pickup one or two of the Chauvet 4Bar Flex LED Systems for a easy, colorful lighting system.

Five essential lighting fixtures mounted onto a single control bar, which maximizes convenience and minimizes setup time.


Pinspot Pack

Make pinspotting easy with our battery-powered Chauvet EZ Pinspot Pack.

Our Deluxe Wedding PA Pack is an all-in-one sound system solution that is ideal for nearly all wedding receptions.

Our Simply Elegant Wedding PA Pack is an all-in-one sound system solution that is ideal for smaller, intimate wedding receptions.

Our Large Wired Uplighting Pack includes sixteen fixtures, allowing for beautiful accents, elegant washes and stunning room transformations.