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Plug your instrument into a mixing board's line level input, or into a DI box, with a 1/4” to 1/4” Instrument Cable.


1/4" to XLR cables are perfect for connecting monitor speakers to your mixing board, among other possible applications.


The AKG C214 Condenser Microphone is a fantastic microphone that's useful for miking a variety of sources.


The Alesis TransActive Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect solution for those that need a small, simple PA system in locations where power is non-existent.


The Allen & Heath XB-10 Broadcast mixer is a podcaster's dream!


The Allen & Heath ZED 10FX Analog Mixer is perfect for a small band, duo, or solo performer, with 16 built-in small effects.

Create a vibrant, explosion of red and green light on your dance floor with the American DJ Galaxian Laser.

When paired with fog or haze, the American DJ Galaxian Sky Laser makes for a mind-blowing effect over your dance floor!

The American DJ O-Clamp is perfect for mounting lighting fixtures to a lighting stand.

If you just want to add a simple light show to your celebration, it doesn't get any easier than adding a couple of the American DJ Reflex LED lighting effects.