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Create a vibrant, explosion of red and green light on your dance floor with the American DJ Galaxian Laser.

When paired with fog or haze, the American DJ Galaxian Sky Laser makes for a mind-blowing effect over your dance floor!

The American DJ O-Clamp is perfect for mounting lighting fixtures to a lighting stand.

If you just want to add a simple light show to your celebration, it doesn't get any easier than adding a couple of the American DJ Reflex LED lighting effects.

If you just want to create a simple light show for your celebration, add in an American DJ Vertigo Tri LED lighting effect.

Need a simple stage or dance floor wash effect? Save yourself on setup time and pickup one or two of the Chauvet 4Bar Flex LED Systems for a easy, colorful lighting system.

The Chauvet 75-watt LED Followspot provides all the benefits of a traditional spotlight effect, only with cool LED lighting technology.

The Chauvet DJ Freedom Par Hex-4 is the perfect lighting fixture for setting up uplighting quick and easily.

Want to add a WOW factor light to your celebration? Check out the Chauvet DJ Geyser P6 RGBAUV LED Fog Machine.

Chauvet DJ SlimPAR Pro (RGBAW+UV) Par